Mimosa Jewelry

One Of A Kind Charms


We have charms representing some of the most meaningful symbols. Choose your favorites.

-Momma Buddha charm symbolizes happiness, luck & prosperity. Rub her belly for good luck!

-Hamsa hand symbolizes happiness, luck, health & good fortune. 

-Lightning Bolt charm symbolizes power, strength & intelligence.

-Sun charm symbolizes firmness, strength & power.

-Our lock charm keeps your memories, hopes & wishes safe. Pairs perfectly with our Key charm.

-Our Key charm symbolizes new opportunities, emotions & love.

-Multi-Colored and Minimal Horn charm symbolizes power, dignity & strength.

18k gold-filled necklace. Diamond encrusted screw knob secures your charms. 18k gold-filled, meaning it's non-tarnishable & water-resistant. Have sensitive skin? It's also hypoallergenic & lead & nickel free!

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