It's all about self-confidence.

Mimosa Jewelry was born in the fashionable and sizzling Miami, FL. The line features various collections from statement pieces to casual, and you'll also find an exclusive luxe line. Each piece is carefully selected using the most excellent quality in fashion and luxe jewelry on the market. Mimosa uses lead-free products and 18k Brazilian gold over sterling on our luxe and most of our fashion collections.

 Most important we are finding a way to reach out to girls and women on a one on one bases to give them the chance to express themselves fashionably, whether it be wearing something bling, boho, chic or cute, Mimosa Jewelry has what they need to make their personalities sparkle. 

Every line featured in Mimosa is set to compliment your individual style. With prices that also compliment your wallet. You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on accessories to look like a million bucks. You just have to do it, Mimosa style. 


About the Founder & Creator 

Judith Alvarez was born and raised in Miami FL. The Cuban-American creator of Mimosa Jewelry made it her mission to empower other girls by embracing the features that make them unique (because every girl deserves to shine). 

"Fashion has always been the best and most fun way for me to express myself and artistically make a statement."

An Emmy nominated fashion journalist, Judith knew from an early age that her heart was in fashion. From styling barbies to working alongside major editorial campaigns. Her journey took her through journalism with major networks such as WSVN FOX, CNN Latino, Mira TV & MegaTV.  Started in the news where transitioning into entertainment news opened the window of opportunity to arrive at the ultimate goal of her journalistic career, fashion news.

"Creating my Television show with the team at CNN Latino 'A La Moda con Judy' was the best exposure and experience I ever had with fashion." 

"I got to meet a lot of creative, beautiful designers and people who also taught me the ropes of the industry, leading me up to here with my new baby, Mimosa Jewelry."