Although these are BEAUTIFUL pieces with the best quality out there for fashion jewelry featuring our Sterling Silver 925 and 18k Brazilian gold-filled, they are delicate pieces that should be taken care of for long term wear. 

Our material is lead, nickel and chromium free. It's hypoallergenic and water-resistant. We've ensured to use 18k gold filled instead of 14k bathed in our non-sterling silver items. 

Jewelry Care as follows:

*Please keep away from harsh chemicals. (Perfume, cleaning products, pool chlorine, etc.)

*Clean Sterling Silver with provided cleaning cloth.

*Gold filled jewelry should be cleaned with cloth or water and soap only.

Disclaimer: Should any jewelry turn within the first 90 days of purchase, we will gladly exchange the piece for another if still available or give store credit for any other piece with proof of damaged product and order receipt. We are not responsible for any broken pieces, any stones that fall off. This is fashion jewelry and we cannot treat it as fine jewelry in our return policy, but should take care of it as such for a long-lasting piece.